Aircraft maintenance engineering. (1) -2018

Individual added value will be delivered via both ‘UK CAA technical’ and ‘global organisational’ experience related intellectual skill-sets. Concerns the intervention of ‘ICAO Annex I’ qualified personnel – in accordance with associated requirements, standards and current aeronautical best practice.


Who exactly could ‘AvcatABC’ serve (in the future) and what are the values added?

Answer 1: EN/AS 9100:2016 & 9110 compliant Part 21 Original Equipment Manufacturer / Service Providers, lessors, lessees, airlines, AOC holders, ‘Part M’ (sub-part G [future Part-CAMO] & sub-part I) Approved Organisations and ‘Part 145’ globally (maybe not from the EU though……;) approved Maintenance Repair Organisation’s (covering either/both ‘Line’ & ‘Base’ maintenance).

Answer 2: Introduction of a positive impact on the safety and efficiency of global maintenance operations, given both the UK CAA’s Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Competency Assessment (cross-refer to CAP 1715, attached below for clarity) and CAME requirements.

CAP1715 Competency Assessment Guidance Document

Basic CAME v2