EPAS 2019-2023

EASA has published the 8th edition of the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS). … It is a key component of the European Aviation Safety Programme (EASP) and provides a coherent and transparent framework for European States to manage aviation safety, both at regional and at national level.


RMT.0106 (Decision planned Q4, 2019) – Certification specifications and guidance material for maintenance certifying staff type rating training.
The main objective is to improve the level of safety by requiring the applicant for a type certificate (TC) or restricted TC for an aircraft to identify the minimum syllabus of maintenance certifying staff type rating training, including the determination of type rating. This minimum syllabus, together with the requirements contained in Appendix III to Annex III (Part-66) to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014, will form the basis for the development and approval of Part-66 type rating training courses.

NOTE: Decisions for both EASA Rule Making Tasks (0217 & 0097, reset to TBD as of Jan 2019) having been de-prioritized’ in accordance with criteria described in Chapter 3?