Realistically, moving on – Basta!

The Prime Minister (reportedly) said the future relationship with EASA is to be based on capabilities and the legal format will happen in the next phase of negotiations after the U.K. has left the EU.

BREXIT – Forgone conclusion by the ‘grown-ups’ then….?

No thanks to the media’s ‘career-politician / MuPpet show’ Fake News coverage, on either side of the Channel (Project Fear consequence of a ‘no-deal’ departure). Members of the UK parliament (who’s constituents voted leave – back in 2016), voted against both ‘no deal’ and the negotiated ‘Withdrawal Agreement’. Both sides of La Manche, now preparing for disaster-city.

Needless to say (paradoxically), both UK CAA & EASA’s Part 66 (recognition of engineer licences* – Post BREXIT) clarity is still ‘urgent to wait’………

…, meanwhile in the UK – “Licences are issued under Part-66 which provides a common standard across EASA member states”………still?

It’ll be right in’t mornin’!

[Note: Licence, or License? US English allows both spellings for both noun and verb.]

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